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Mom Goes Native: Hunts and Kills for Food Carrying Her Baby on Her Back and Says She Won’t Stop

Old propensities hardcore. This is the reason kids are educated to create helpful aptitudes and practices from a youthful age. In any case, we in some cases get things in our childhood that might be viewed as odd or irregular, and these may get hard to unlearn.


A 30-year-old homemaker in Ohio has been pushed into the spotlight in the wake of uncovering that she every now and again takes her nine-month-old child with her on chasing trips. At the point when we state chasing, we mean taking off into the forested areas with a bow, a bunch of bolts, camo gear, and an infant tied to her back.



Rebekah Stephens previously went gaga for chasing when she was seven years of age subsequent to joining her dad on a chasing trip alongside her kin. Her family made due on her dad’s chasing victories, and her enthusiasm for chasing has just become throughout the years.


She took to the game like nothing else and proceeded to effectively chase deer, turkeys, hares, and even a 200+ pound whitetail deer — her most noteworthy murder to date. Rebekah accepts that young ladies could have some good times chasing as well and is appreciative that her dad acquainted her with chasing at such an early age



“As a child, I knew it just as a method for putting nourishment on the table,” she said. “We didn’t purchase hamburger, we generally had deer meat. As I got more established, I considered it to be an approach to get away from the outside world and unwind.”


Beginning the chasing trail early



Isabella, her ten-month-old little girl, started the family convention before. Her first chase — for wild turkey — happened when she was eight months old and she performed flawlessly “and was peaceful the entire time, for five hours.” [1]

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